Get the Best Playing the Croupier Blackjack?

The RTP of blackjack is even higher when you play Croupier Live: a percentage of 99.28%, which means that the margin of the house is minuscule, and that it gives greater opportunities to win every time you sit at the tables.


The normal thing is that the casino operators use 8 decks of cards for the live game, in which the dealer always has to stand with 17 and only shows one of his cards when the players have already played his hand. Keep in mind that in reality the croupier cannot make decisions with his cards and has to follow a series of rules. There are some important tips that should be followed when playing Croupier Live Blackjack.


The croupier has to “ask” when he is 16 or less, even though there is a good chance that he will pass if he does. Before making a bet, you always have to take into account the face-up card of the croupier, in addition to your own cards. You should only “ask” or “fold” when that gives you more advantage over the Live Croupier

You should keep the initial betting plan, regardless of whether you win or lose.


If you play croupier blackjack live, you often have the opportunity to make parallel bets, such as exact pairs. Parallel bets are a way to give more excitement to the game, although we must bear in mind that the RTP of these two games.


As can be seen, these are more risky bets than the normal bets of live croupier Blackjack, although that is what usually happens when the potential gains are greater.


With the bet of Exact Couples, payments of 25: 1 can be obtained in case of winning and obtaining an exact match, although 12: 1 is paid if a pair of color is drawn and 6: 1 if a mixed pair is drawn.


Since the croupier uses 8 decks in live games, it is possible to get an exact pair of identical cards such as two spades or two fives of hearts. A colored pair is when the cards are of different suits but have the same color (diamonds / hearts or clubs/ spades) while a mixed pair is the one that contains cards of different suits and different colors.


A bet actually gives players the chance to win with 100:1 payouts. These bets involve betting on what you can get out if you combine the player’s two initial blackjack cards along with the dealer’s uncovered card. The winning combinations are the following:


Trio of the same suit: Three identical cards that form a perfect trio

Straight flush: three cards of the same suit in consecutive order

Trio: three cards of the same value but different suits

Ladder: three cards in consecutive order

Color: three cards of the same suit


The trio of the same suit has 100: 1 payments, since there is only a small possibility that money can be obtained with three identical cards, although having color is more frequent, which can be seen in their 5:1 payments.


Take Advantage of Croupier Promotions Live

When you visit the Live Croupier section of your Favorite Online Casino, you will find promotions that are not available if you simply participate in traditional games in the standard way.


Operators want you to play Croupier Live games, as statistically it is known that customers spend more time in the casino if they enjoy the immersive experience of playing in a real casino, instead of simply playing against the computer. It is also a very transparent way to play, and it shows that the casino does not cheat.


Some Live Croupier Casinos have a VIP section or an Elite Lounge in which customers who bet more than the average can get 20% bonuses of their deposits every day. These bonuses are very generous and can ultimately give you an advantage over the house.


There are often roulette promotions, where you can get bonuses if the ball falls on a specific number in a particular game. For example, the 888 casino has a promotion for which it pays £ 8 each time the ball falls on the number eight during a specific time of the day.


The Live Croupiers of the online casinos are friendly and fair, and have received a demanding training to ensure that they treat you well on every occasion. The croupiers do not make money transactions, so you bet in the normal way from the casino account and they just distribute the cards so you can enjoy the game.